Starter-Set Pigmera C7 100ml T0481-T0486 Photo- & Matte-Black
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Starter-Set Pigmera C7 with 100ml per Ink with Photo-& Matte-Black compatible to T0481 - T0486 - Epson® Photo R200, R220, R300, R320.

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Pigmera C7 has been specifically designed for 6-channel photo-printers from Epson®.

Normally, these printer models are used with dye inks, these inks deliver beautiful photo prints, but have the disadvantage that the dyes are not very lightstable. The prints will fade within a reasonable time or shift in colors when they are permanently stored in daylight. With Pigmera C7 we developed a product based on 100% pigments wich, in cooperation with custom created ICC profiles, delivers stable color prints with a wide color gamut. You get the opportunity to make long-term stable printouts, whether for private use or for commercial purposes. 

The Starter-Set contains the following products:
  • Inkset Pigmera C7 with Photo- & Matte-Black (7 bottles) of 100ml
  • Refillable cartridge set compatible to Epson® T0481, T0481-T0486 (7 cartridges)
  • Set of 60ml filling syringes (7 pcs)

Who needs Pigmera C7?

You are using a six channel printer and you are interested in making prints with high color stability and robustness because you have to store your prints on daylight for longer periods? Or perhaps you are printing photos or business cards for customers? Then Pigmera C7 is the right ink product for you.

Like the bigger 8- or 9-channel printers, for Pigmera C7 two versions of Black are available, even "Photo Black" (Glossy) and even "Matte-Black" (Matt). You may, depending on the paper type you are using, switch to the optimal black variant to achieve optimal printing results. The black variant Matte-Black is suitable for printing on matt papers only, and Photo-Black is the optimal choice for papers with glossy surfaces such as Luster, Semigloss, Semimatt, Satin, Pearl, Baryt, HighGloss.

Important Note!
Please note that a 6-channel photo printer and Pigmera C7 is not able to make completely neutral black & white prints. For the use of Pigmera C7, it is necessary to create custom ICC profiles for every used printer paper. The icc profiles of the printer manufacturer or the paper manufacturer, can not be used!
Among the different print resolutions the printer driver offers (eg, "Photo" or "RPM") in each case you have to use a separately created ICC profile. You e.g. in principle, only with "RPM", you only need an individual ICC profile.
Pigmera C7 can not be used in mixed operation with dye-based inks (eg Claria®).


  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Extended color gamut compared to dye-based inks (more printer colors)
  • Fast drying during printing
  • excellent light resistance
  • The use of custom icc-profiles is necessary

Legal notice:
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Item number102255
Category Photo R200, R320
Application: Photo Printing
chip type: Autoreset-Chip (ARC)
Printer Model: Photo R200 Photo R220 Photo R300 Photo R320
Printer Manufact.: Epson
Manufacturer: farbenwerk
Cartridge Type: T0481-T0486
Ink Type: Pigment
Druckerserie: Stylus Photo
Epson® T0481 - T0486 (e.g. R200, R220, R300, R320)

Inkset Pigmera C7 with Photo- & Matte-Black (MK, PK, C, LC, M, LM, Y) 7 bottles of 100ml
Refillable cartridge set for Epson® T0481, T0481-T0486 (7 cartridges)
Filling syringes 60ml (7 pcs.)
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