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Ink for EcoTank (Epson 111) Monochrome printers

The black, pigmented ink (Matte-Black) delivers a deep, clean black by printing on matte photo papers and for printing text documents.

Compatible to the following printer models:

  • EcoTank ET-M1100, EcoTank ET-M1120, EcoTank ET-M1140, EcoTank ET-M1170, EcoTank ET-M1180
  • EcoTank ET-M2120, EcoTank ET-M2140, EcoTank ET-M2170
  • EcoTank ET-M3140, EcoTank ET-M3170, EcoTank ET-M3180

Note on refilling the ink tanks

EcoTank printers have different filling holes on the ink tanks. The easiest way is to keep the bottles of the original ink after emptying. Clean them with water and let them dry, then the bottle can simply be filled with our compatible ink product. If there is no original bottle, an ink tank can of course also be filled with our filling syringe with Long, blunt needles. Put in the ink and fill it step by step into the tank.

Legal notice:
This item is not an original product of the printer manufacturer. It is not produced, endorsed, or supported by the printer manufacturers. All brand names, product names and images are used solely for compatibility indication and in doing so are not affiliated to the original products of the respective manufacturers and are the property of their respective owners.


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