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Do you have questions about our products, delivery times or are there problems with our products? Contact us using the contact form below.
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We can best be reached by email.
You can send us a message via our contact form. We usually answer e-mails several times a day. 


Because we are a small team, we unfortunately do not always have the time to answer the phone. The phone is therefore only occupied sporadically.
Our phone number is: 04931-9833726
Support by phone is only possible in german language.


You may have something to complain about.
If you have a technical problem, please provide detailed information about the problem. Important information is e.g.:

 - The printer model
 - Which color channel is affected?
 - What does the nozzle check pattern look like?
 - What is the error message from the printer? (exact wording)

Take a look at our info area and our FAQ! Some problems can be solved by themselves.

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