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Carbonprint Graphite 2 for EcoTank ET-1810 (4-channel)

Carbonprint Graphite2 is a version of Carbonprint Graphite adapted to new printer models.
Both versions are based on partially neutralized carbon pigments to which we do not add any color pigments or dyes. This ensures an extremely high durability of the prints, provided the use of appropriately long-term stable papers is used. Carbonprint Graphite2 is the perfect solution for photographers with a preference for matte papers and prints in a neutral black tone. Carbonprint Graphite2 is compatible with all purely matt photo and fine art papers without glossy coatings.

How to print?

The user replaces the color cartridges of his Epson® printer with the ink cartridges filled with carbon print, or, if using a tank printer, the tanks are filled with the respective gray inks according to the instructions. The tanks should be clean, without any color ink residue. Depending on the printer model, some cleaning procedures may need to be performed to transport the ink to the print head. The printer is now ready for fine art prints with carbon print. Send an image file to the printer as a desaturated RGB or grayscale file and it will output as a rich black and white image. You don't have to learn complicated software, just print your photos the way you're used to. Advanced users have the option of using individually created ICC profiles. To do this, use our ICC profile service.

Product Features 

  • Neutral black tone
  • Extremely lightfast
  • Simple workflow
  • No software RIP required

Compatible to the following printers:

  • Epson® EcoTank ET-1810

Notes to the printer model

The EcoTank ET-1810 printer is a economically designed model without any quality claims. However, even with such an "economical printer," excellent and long-lasting prints can be achieved with our inks. The device has a similarly economically designed rear paper feed. This "snaps" after the paper, and with thicker, more stable sheets, it may happen that the feed fails. Therefore, we recommend assisting by hand at the moment when the printer is trying to feed stiffer papers. This works well.

Printer models with the same printing engine

From a technical perspective, there is nothing against the use of Carbonprint Graphite 2 in printer models with the same ink configuration "Epson 104 ink" or the same print engine. We also recommend here either filling new, clean tanks or completely cleaning the tanks and ink pathways of the printer before changing the ink.

Printer models that operate with “Ink 104”:

EcoTank ET-2710, ET-2711, ET-2712, ET-2714, ET-2715
EcoTank ET-2720, ET-2721, ET-2726
EcoTank ET-2810, ET-2811, ET-2812, ET-2814, ET-2815
EcoTank ET-2820, ET-2821, ET-2825, ET-2826
EcoTank ET-2830, ET-2840
EcoTank ET-2860, ET-2861, ET-2862, ET-2864, ET-2865
EcoTank ET-2870, ET-2871, ET-2875, ET-2876
EcoTank ET-4700
EcoTank ET-4800, ET-4810


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