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Ink for Canon® Pro-200

We offer our ink product Coloration CD2 for the Pixma Pro-200.
Refill ink for Pro-200 is available in the bottle sizes 100ml and 250ml.

For the PRO-200 there are ready-made icc profiles available for free download on our website, for photo & fine art papers from common paper manufacturers.

Using Coloration CD2 ink in the PRO-200

In order to be able to print with Coloration CD2, the chips of the original cartridges are detached from them and installed on empty, refillable ink cartridges. If the ink counter of a cartridge chip runs down to zero (cartridge is "empty"), this status is indicated by the printer on the status display. You remove the cartridge, fill it up completely and put it back into the printer. In order for the printer to continue using this "empty" ink cartridge for printing, the printer's ink level check must be deactivated by pressing the stop button on the printer for 5 seconds. This releases the filled ink cartridge for printing, the ink level indicator on the printer display and in the driver software is deactivated, and the ink level for the deactivated color channel is no longer displayed.

From now on, the user regularly checks the ink levels of the individual ink cartridges visually. The refill cartridges are made of transparent plastic for this purpose. You can check the filling level of an ink cartridge at any time.

If the ink level indicator is deactivated, it is the user's responsibility to check the cartridges from time to time and to refill them in good time before the cartridges are completely empty! Printing with an empty ink cartridge can damage the printer's printhead.

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