Coloration Office Pro Bottle Magenta
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Compatibel to Epson® DuraBrite® Ultra and DuraBrite® Pro
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Coloration Office Pro Pigment Ink is an alternative to the printer manufacturer's inks. Coloration Office Pro is compatible with the pigment inks Epson® DuraBrite® Ultra and DuraBrite® Pro.  
    • Mixed operation with original inks is possible without hesitation
    • Excellent color rendering
    • Drying behavior identical to original inks
    • High lightfastness and longevity
    • It is not necessary to clean the print paths when changing the ink
    Compatible with all Epson® printer models that are operated with the pigment inks DuraBrite® Ultra and DuraBrite® Pro.
    • Epson® Stylus Office Series
    • Epson® Workforce Series
    • Epson® Workforce Pro Series

    Legal notice:
    This item is not an original product of the printer manufacturer. It is not produced, endorsed, or supported by the printer manufacturers. All brand names, product names and images are used solely for compatibility indication and in doing so are not affiliated to the original products of the respective manufacturers and are the property of their respective owners.

    Item number103847
    Category T3461-T3464
    Application: Office Printing
    Printer Manufact.: Epson
    Printer Model: Workforce Pro WP-4025 DW Workforce Pro WP-4095 DN Workforce Pro WP-4095 DNF Workforce Pro WP-4515 DN Workforce Pro WP-4520 Workforce Pro WP-4525 DNF Workforce Pro WP-4535 DWF Workforce Pro WP-4545 DTWF Workforce Pro WP-4590 Workforce Pro WP-4595 DNF Workforce Pro WP-4630 DWF Workforce Pro WP-4640 DTWF Workforce Pro WP-5110 DW Workforce Pro WP-5190 DW Workforce Pro WP-5620 DWF Workforce Pro WP-5690 DWF Workforce WF-3010 DW Workforce WF-3520DWF Workforce WF-3530DTWF Workforce WF-3620 WF Workforce WF-3620 DWF Workforce WF-3640 DTWF Workforce WF-7015 Workforce WF-7110 DTW Workforce WF-7515 Workforce WF-7525 Workforce WF-7610 DWF Workforce WF-7620 DTWF Workforce WF-2520NF Workforce WF-2530WF Workforce WF-2540WF Workforce WF-2010W Workforce WF-2510WF Workforce WF-2630WF Workforce WF-2650DWF Workforce WF-2660DWF Workforce WF-2750DWF Workforce WF-2760DWF Workforce Pro WF-8590DWF Workforce Pro WF-8590DTWF Workforce Pro WF-8590D3TWFC Workforce Pro WF-8590DTWFC Workforce Pro WF-8510DWF Workforce Pro WF-8090DW Workforce Pro WF-8090DTWC Workforce Pro WF-8090DTW Workforce Pro WF-8090D3TWC Workforce Pro WF-8010DW Workforce Pro WF-4720DWF Workforce Pro WF-4725DWF Workforce Pro WF-4730DTWF Workforce Pro WF-4740DTWF Workforce Pro WF-C5210DW Workforce Pro WF-C5290DW Workforce Pro WF-C5710DWF Workforce Pro WF-C5790DWF
    Manufacturer: farbenwerk
    Cartridge Type: T1281-T1284 T1291-T1294 T2711-T2714 T2791, T2712-T2714 T6161-T6164 T7011-T7014 T7021-T7024 T7031-T7034 T7541-T7544 T7551-T7554 T7561-T7564 T7891-T7894 T7901-T7904 T3461-T3464 T3471-T3474 T9451-T9454, XL T9441-T9444
    Ink Type: Pigment
    Druckerserie: Stylus Office Workforce Workforce Pro

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